Let’s face it, vegan food often gets a bad rap. Too many people think going plant-based means giving up some of life’s pleasures. Grubby was founded to prove this is a load of rubbish.
Forget about sloppy ready-meals and ordering another takeaway. The joy and satisfaction of cooking food from scratch is where it’s at. But if you’ve spent decades using meat and dairy as core ingredients, you need a bit of culinary know-how to avoid munching on rabbit food. That’s where Grubby comes in…
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We’ve created over 200 delicious and varied recipes, inspired by cuisines around the world. They’re packed with flavour, tips and tricks, and take around 30 mins to cook.The only thing that’ll taste like cardboard is the box.
We support and partner with family-run farms to bring you the best seasonal produce on offer, most of which is grown on organic British soil. On average, each of our recipes contains at least six varieties of fresh veg. That’s your five a day sorted.
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We believe no one should go hungry. So for every Grubby box you buy, we donate a meal to a child living in poverty through So far, we’ve delivered over 200,000 meals to children in Uganda.
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We’re a certified B-Corp, a designation given to companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental practice. No funny business going on here.FIND OUT MORE
Delivering greenAll our London deliveries are made by bike and we will continue to use pedal power where we can.
Tracking our emissionsEvery one of our recipes has been meticulously analysed to calculate its carbon rating.
Minimising food wasteWe offset any food waste through two fantastic food waste partners, so no grub goes unused.
Optimising nutritionEach recipe includes on average a variety of six or more fresh veg. That's your 5 a day sorted!
Packaging with prideOur packaging is 100% recyclable, compostable and produced in the UK in over 95% of cases.
Putting people firstHuman customer service. We always reply to emails within 24 hours.