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5 Accidentally Vegan Biscuits

Roaming the aisles unsure of what to treat yourself with? Whether you’re a dunker or a muncher, we know how important that late afternoon pick-me up biccy can be. So we did some research (reading ingredients and eating tons of biscuits is research right?) and found the best classic british biscuits that you can enjoy guilt free.

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Nothing says childhood like sticky fingers from jammy dodgers. Containing no dairy or animal by-products, you can keep reliving those memories of sneaking away with a few biscuits (no one can say no this time).
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A British institution, McVities may as well be the backbone of British society. With impressive dunk times across the board to prove it. With purely plant based ingredients; Ginger Nuts, Light Rich Tea Biscuits, Plain and Choc Chip Hobnobs all get the vegan green light.

Also widely known as caramel heaven in a pack. Both the biscuits and the spread are made of completely natural ingredients and no animal by-products, making them 100% plant based, and 100000% delicious.


The holy grail. Granted, they are not exactly british, but they have carved out a niche for themselves in british culture. The best part? They have no animal ingredients, making them certified vegan.

The richest chocolate taste on the shelves hands down is from Bourbon Biscuits, they get their iconic flavour thanks to cocoa powder, and no dairy or animal derived ingredients! So there's really only one question left; are you a bite straight into it kinda person or a dissect the biccy to get to the filling kinda person?

Now before you run to fill your baskets with all the biscuits above, we’d recommend always double checking labels. The champions above have been added to the list based on their own ingredients, but there is still always a chance of cross contamination in manufacturing. So if you have a serious allergy or are strictly vegan, its best to not listen to random website blogs (us) and research to be doubly sure.

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