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Game, Set, Plants

The oldest and most exciting tennis tournament in the world is back. The All England Club in Wimbledon is set to start welcoming players from all over the world this week. Here’s what we’d serve the most celebrated vegan players:

valentin-balan-k0aVMMZwqtU-unsplash (1).jpg
Novak DjokovicNovak switched to a plant based diet after collapsing mid-match in 2010. His nutritionist first recommended cutting out gluten and dairy from his diet, and the player now follows a plant based diet after seeing the benefits. He loves it so much he even opened a vegan restaurant in Monte Carlo: Eqvita. Cooking up a Mediterranean flavoured storm, the restaurant boasts tennis royalty as its regular diners, i guess there's slight nepo-tennis-m there.
veg risotto (1).jpg

We’d cook up something that could’ve come straight off the Eqvita menu:

Roasted med veg risotto and toasted seeds

Venus WilliamsQueen V is a former world No. 1 in both singles and doubles. The Starr has been fueling her game with a raw vegan diet after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2011. She became obsessed with doing research and exploring superfood ingredients that helped with her recovery. She didn't let all that knowledge go to waste (unlike my wasted law degree) and went on to create the leading superfood nutrition brand called Happy Viking, developing plant-based protein meal shakes.
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She said her favourite post-workout meal was lentils, so we’d fill her plate with a hearty portion of:

Aubergine & courgette moussaka

Serena WilliamsThe GOAT (with 23 grand slam titles to prove it), Serena switched to a plant based diet after seeing the benefits it had on her sister’s health and to support her during her recovery, all my sister ever did was steal my clothes, but this isnt about me. Serena has taken plant based beyond her diet and launched a vegan clothing line aimed at women ‘Who do it all’.
172_BOSH_Courgette_Mint_Fritters_CMYK (1).jpg

We heard about her love for greens, so how about we cook up:

Courgette and mint fritters

Recipe #172
Nick Kyrgios5 time Wimbledon winner Nick Kyrgios adopted a plant based diet after seeing the devastating effects of 2020 bushfires on Australian wildlife. He began fundraising for animal welfare and has since spoken out about his love for animals and how he cant 'comprehend' eating meat anymore.
69_Courgette_salad_rocket_pesto_1MB (1).jpg

We heard Nick adores his neon green Tesla, so we think he'd appreciate a:

Warm courgette, apple, sultana and quinoa salad, rocket pesto

Recipe #69

If you're lucky enough to go see these legends smash it next week, remember you can enjoy the traditional strawberries and cream as a vegan option (we called and asked for you)! And to help you pair the british classic with the perfect british wines, The Uncommon is giving Grubsters an exclusive 30% off by entering the code GRUBBY30 at checkout.

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