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What's in season in October

Posted on 23rd September by Ferg
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What is Seasonality?
All of the 4 seasons bring a bountiful array of fresh fruit and veg, grown right here on British soil. From asparagus tips poking through in spring, bushes laden with juicy strawberries in summer to autumn trees burdened with apples and winter full of ridiculous root veg.
"Seasonality is about being close to home, if it's close to home it has better taste, textures, flavours "
Raymond Blanc
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Why eat seasonallyThere have been countless studies around the benefits of eating seasonal fruit and veg with most coming to the same conclusion. It’s better for you, it’s kinder on the planet and it’s lighter on your wallet! Raymond Blanc said 'Seasonality is about being close to home, if it's close to home it has better taste, textures, flavours'. October sees an end to the summer veg, as root veg takes centre stage. October is considered to be one of the most bountiful months of the year for fresh produce, you will still see the last of the summer veg and the start of the winter veg.
So what is in season?
Top performersApples | Sweetcorn | Butternut Squash
Honorable mentionsBroccoli | Brussel Sprouts | Parsnips
StalwartsCarrots | Courgettes | Aubergines
"Winter nights begin to draw in, BBQs and salads are off the menu, replaced by hearty warming stews and steaming bowls of hot soup. "
Butternut squash risotto, crispy kale and toasted pumpkin seedsYou'll learn a few tricks with this one. Blended butternut squash adds a vitamin-dense velvety texture. Nutritional yeast injects a beautiful cheesiness without leaving you in a food coma.
Shepherds pie.jpg
Shepherds pie, parsnip and butterbean mash topping, green beansOur take on a comforting British classic. Flavour packed lentils and juicy mushrooms topped with a healthy parsnip and butterbean mash. Served with crunchy green beans, and Grubby is on the table.